Princeview Parksuites - PRICE LIST

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1:
95% Spot DP / 5% Balance upon Receipt of Statement of Accounts
8% Discount on Net List Price
5% Discount on Down Payment
Option 2:
30% Spot; 70% Balance over 60 months at 0% Interest
1.5% Discount on Net List Price
0% Discount on Down Payment
Option 3:
15% Spot; Balance over 60months at 0% interest
5% Discount on Net List Price
0% Discount on Down Payment
1. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
2. BF interest rate varies depending on the choice of bank.
3. Other charges are not yet included.

Sample Computation:

  • Unit: 1 Bedroom - PHP 3,868,841

Sample Computation 1: Based on Option 1

  • 95% Spot down payment / 5% balance upon receipt of statement of accounts
  • List Price: PHP 3,868,841
  • Less: Reservation Fee: PHP 100,000
  • Net List Price: PHP 3,768,841
  • Less 5% discount: PHP 188,442
  • Total Contract Price: PHP 3,580,399
  • 95% Down Payment: PHP 3,401,379
  • Less 8% on Down Payment: PHP 272,110
  • Net Down Payment: PHP 3,129,269
  • 5% Remaining Balance: PHP 179,020

Sample Computation 2: Based on Option 2

  • 3% Discount on Net List Price
  • 0% Discount on Down Payment
  • List Price:PHP 3,868,841
  • Less: Reservation Fee:PHP 100,000
  • Net List Price:PHP 3,768,841
  • Discount on unit:PHP 3%
  • Amount of discount:PHP 113,065.23
  • Total Contract Price:PHP 3,655,775.77
  • Down Payment:PHP 30%
  • Amount of Down Payment:PHP 1,096,732.73
  • Balance %:70%
  • Amount of balance: PHP 2,638,188.70
  • Terms:60 months
  • Monthly Payment:PHP 43,969.81


Princeview Parsuites is going to be a great investment for a solo individual or a family. There is no doubt in that. Topnotch security features, complete and reliable facilities, accessible and hassle-free transportation measures, and the balance of work, social life, and family bonding moments amidst the busy streets and crowd of the Metro! A well-balanced life experience made possible while staying in a luxurious condominium, topping it all off with three easy payment schemes to choose from with the help of real-time realtor consultants.

Princeview Parksuites is not your typical condominium in the Metro. It is an avenue for relaxation and business that caters to every growing professional and family who would like to avail of the condominium’s services. Individuals who embrace the work-oriented and family-oriented lifestyles will definitely fit the community in Princeview, and the balance between both aspects are ensured with a mix of modern innovations and amenities while respecting old cultural heritages and traditions.

Princeview Parksuites suits your every need every day.

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