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Security Features

Round-the-clock security is available in Princeview with the help of 24-hour CCTVs in areas which needed to be monitored. This ensures the everyday safety of clients with security footages to keep track of daily activities and people’s whereabouts within and around the condo location. To ensure the privacy and optimized security of the clients, card access security is a priority to avoid unwanted and sketchy guests coming in and out of the condo. Accompanied by this mechanism is the professional affability and respect coming from the receptionists, maintenance and security personnel of Princeview to make the clients and guests feel welcomed and accommodated during their stay in the condo. Princeview highly values time management of the clients and employees, which is why there are three available high-speed elevators in the whole building to minimize the travel time between the 39 floors. Security and safety is also highly valued in Princeview, which is why in case of emergency, there are building safety measures for clients and employees alike to avail of. The condo has fire rated residential doors, fire alarms and automatic fire sprinkler systems installed in almost every corridor of the building to alert the clients and employees in case of fire breakouts and accidents. Indeed, Princeview Parksuites values the security and welfare of clients and employees because proper safety is a priority and a guaranteed output from this development.

Recreational and Entertainment Facilities

Princeview Parksuites also values the recreation and entertainment of its clients for without the sources for these activities, maximum relaxation and gratification cannot be obtained, and the clients would end up living in black and white. The catch with these utilities is that these can be for personal or group use, whichever is preferred by the loyal and well-accommodated clients. Princeview offers different avenues for amusement, fitness and fun; all within the premises of the condo.

For clients who are also workout and health enthusiasts, they can utilize the gym and fitness center. The overall impact of the wide space of the fitness center paired with a high ceiling decorated with simple interiors of honeycomb-inspired designs enables gym goers to have better and proper ventilation, comfortable personal space for intense and beginner workout modules, and vast choices of fitness contraptions to use, such as treadmills, bench presses, weigh plates and barbell sets. A shower room is also accessible for post-workout relaxation and clean-up.

For swimming enthusiasts, athletes or clients who would want to take a dip, Princeview offers two swimming pools, both can be for recreation and training. One is the 20-meter lap pool. This long-sized pool of clear and well-maintained water system creates a sense of safety and tranquility for clients as they overlook the majestic urban panoramic view of the Metro. During the day, clients can train their swimming prowess by recoding their time during laps and trials or feel the heat of the sun touch their skins as they relax on floaters travelling calmly through both ends of the pool. At night, clients can feel relaxed and calm by watching the stars through the open view from the pool or the faint lights brought by offices and streetlights at the distant while feeling the cold breeze of night with loved ones and family when listening to the comforting sounds of the everyday commute of cars and people.

Not only adults can enjoy being in the water in the middle of the Metro. Kids and toddlers with guardians can enjoy splashing and swimming in the children’s pool, and exercise their muscles and maximize their playtime by spending their hours at the children’s playground indoors.

Princeview acknowledges that social life is an essential necessity in a person’s well-being, which is why there are several avenues in the condo for clients to invite families, friends, and guests to spend the days socializing and meeting for business discussions, and nights partying and singing to upbeat music. Clients can avail of features which cater group activities.

The KTV Room is perfect for small gatherings among close friends and families, such as birthdays and thanksgivings topped with unlimited karaoke until their hearts’ content. Again, privacy is a priority at Princeview, which is why these closed-door events are soundproof so that the fun stays inside and does not disrupt or attract people uninvolved in the festivities.

The multipurpose Function Room is also available for clients and guests to hold huge celebrations or events such as business conventions and conferences. The spacious hall with long tables decorated accordingly provides the perfect atmosphere and ventilation while the guests enjoy their warm companies and the sumptuous food.

  • Fitness Center
  • Playground
  • 20-meter Lap Pool
  • Children Pool
  • Shower Area
  • KTV Room
  • Function Room
  • Open Lounge
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